We’ve worked at advertising agencies where gossiping around the watercooler is all that gets done – it’s not for us. And recycling some other companies “look” and using it for your new marketing campaign?! Who needs the unnecessary drama? We do what we do because we love it, not just because we’re good at it. Really digging in and getting to know our clients and their companies, no matter how big or small your company parking lot is – that’s what we do best. Marketing your identity shouldn’t be a hassle for you. We’re here to make sure it isn’t. 

Doug Hertel
El Presidente and perfectionist extraordinaire. Grew up in Indiana, went off to art school and eventually made his way back home. There IS more than corn in Indiana. Started Identity Graphic Design after spending way-too-many-years working for other agencies in the cubicle world. Spends too much time behind his computer and drinks way too much coffee. Needless to say, he’s the captain of the ship – without the eye patch.
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